The Nu-Sphere Ritual

Stand facing East and form the Cross of Light in the following manner:

Visualize a sphere of brilliant white light above your head. Reach up into the sphere and pull down a stream of light to your forehead; then say:

"My God is above me"

Draw the light down through your body, forming a vertical pillar. Touch your genitals and say:

"My God is below me"

Touching your right shoulder, say:

"My God is to the right of me"

Drawing the light across your body to form a horizontal beam, touch your left shoulder and say:

"My God is to the left of me"

Cross your arms over your breast (right arm over left) and say:

"My God is within me"

Fling your arms upwards and outwards above your head to form a V shape, and say:

"There is no God where I am"

This forms the Cross of Light.

Advance to the Eastern quarter and draw a large upright pentagram in the air before you. Then stand in the sign of the Enterer, arms outstretched in front of you, left foot slightly advanced. Visualize energy streaming from your hands into the pentagram, and vibrate the word:


Withdraw your arms in the sign of Silence (thumb pressed to your lips, feet together).

Turning to your left, moving widdershins (anti-clockwise), repeat this procedure of drawing the pentagram in each of the Northern, Western, and Southern quarters.

When you make the Pentagram in the North, vibrate the word:


In the West, the word:


In the South, the word:


Return to the center of the circle and, facing East once more, stretch out your arms to each side. Say:

"Before me the Powers of Earth

Behind me the Powers of Water

On my right hand the Powers of Fire

On my left hand the Powers of Air"

Visualize the body of the Goddess Nuit arched above you, feet in the North, hands in the South, filling the circle with starlight. Invoke with the words:

"Around me burn the stars of Nuit

And within me burns the star of Hadit"

Repeat the Cross of Light (first part).