Magical Writings

I've been interested in magick since I was a teenager, and for about fifteen years now I've been a member of Ordo Templi Orientis a world-wide Order of magicians devoted to the principles of Light, Life, Love, and Liberty. Our work is a synthesis of many different strands of occultism, including Freemasonry, Yoga, Sufism, the Knights Templars, Rosicrucianism, Gnosticism, and a whole lot more; but we are particularly concerned with the works of Aleister Crowley and the Law of Thelema. OTO is also closely associated with Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica, The Gnostic Catholic Church.

Over the past years I've written quite a bit on these subjects, including a book entitled Abrahadabra - Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thelemic Magick. I also recently contributed the Introduction to Lon Milo Duquette's new book The Chicken Qabalah of Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford which I highly recommend to all who are both interested in Qabalah, and way too lazy to actually go out and really study it (like me).

I've also written a few articles at various times, and I've reprinted some of the better ones here:

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