Our gallant crew sets out.

First stop: the Templar Church. Lon knocks on the door but no-one answers. There's symbolism in there somewhere.

We just had to pose there. L-R: Elizabeth, Shawn, Hank, Cecilia, Matthias, Magnus, Lon, Carrie, Benedicte, and someone whose name I always forget dammit.

When I go, I want to look like this too, says Lon.

The true heart of England.

Doing Liber Resh at midday at Cleopatra's needle.

I want a chair like this at home...

It really is from Egypt y'know. Actually from Heliopolis, the City of the Sun.

Which meant I just had to climb it. Of course.

Per Ardua ad Astra (look it up...)

Tau Scandinavicus gets reconsecrated by Bishops Orpheus and DuQuette at Westminster Abbey.

Me too!

Could we leave out Lon?

Nice symbolism at St. Margaret's Church.


Benedicte & Elizabeth in St. Margaret's.

The Mithras Brothers in the British Museum.

Bjorn ministers to Bro. DuQuette in Russell Square. It was a looong day...


Go have a look at the exhibition paintings themselves...